These perfectly times rollercoaster snaps are too much

Amusement parks are all about having fun, fun, and more fun! Every year, millions of people visit amusement parks all around the world for a variety of differently themed fun experiences. Whether you’re going as a family, a couple, with friends, or even alone – you’re bound to find something that either terrifies you or makes you jump for joy at almost any amusement park in the country. Luckily, we have cameras on rides to capture some of the funniest amusement park moments. The faces, poses, and costumes in some of these funny pictures will definitely have you laughing out loud in no time.

No Fighting On The Rides

Besides being a fast and fun roller coaster, Raging Bull is also a classic movie about a boxer dealing with a variety of different issues over the course of his life and career.


However, the amusement park seems to have gone to great lengths to make sure that their ride, ‘The Raging Bull,’ came as close to the movie as possible by staging a classic boxing match as a homage to the film. Ten out ten for what must have been a unique experience!


I’ll Have Another

The photos some people take while at amusement parks and on rides are just too funny. Take these guys. They show there’s nothing like living in luxury. Being served fizzy bubbly whenever you like is just one of the perks.


You can even bring your butler along for the ride! This duo proved that amusement parks are for everyone. Apparently the rich enjoy the finest quality fun and feel right at home on these rides.


I’m Hungry

Walking around an amusement park all day and going on all of those rides can be really tiring and make you work up an appetite. While most of us would be satisfied with some of the tasty food stalls that most amusement parks are known for having, a lot of us prefer a slightly more exotic menu.


Roller coasters anyone? And no – that’s not a nickname for fast food. This guy literally looks like he’s about to chomp on a full rollercoaster! Next stop – indigestion!


Polar Opposites

Roller coasters really are things you either love or hate. Some people fall in love with them, become addicted to them, and spend the rest of their lives trying to find the next best roller coast ride – even if it means traveling half the world to do so.



Other people have one ride, throw up, and decide to never to do it again – ever. Nothing represents this difference more clearly than the faces on these two. Guess which one is which.


Chew With Your Mouth Closed

Practicing your manners is important no matter where you are. You never know who could be looking, and also because some things are just not meant to be done – period!



Chewing with your mouth open is a really disgusting habit and is something that should never be done in front of other people – especially on a moving roller coaster. We can only imagine how angry the folks behind him must have been after getting splattered with chunks of unchewed food.


Incredible Balance

Taking a roller coaster as a group of friends can be incredibly fun and exciting. Not only is it a memorable experience, but pushing yourselves to be more creative with the group pictures can be a really interesting experience.



Ultimately though, we’ve got to say that this group is off the charts when it comes to maintaining good balance! A house of cards, Jenga, and a phone call all in one photo – that’s pretty impressive! Some people just make it look so easy.


Close Shave!

We’re not quite sure how the rollercoaster company let this happen, as shaving on solid ground can be dangerous enough as it is – let alone on a high-speed roller coaster!

We’re quite sure that these two must have explained what they wanted to do beforehand though, otherwise, they never would have been let on in the first place. There’s nothing like getting a professional, barber-style shave. But there’s certainly nothing like a barber-style shave at over 50 mph on a family amusement park ride!


This Is My Happy Face!

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether someone is really enjoying something or not. That sounds weird to some, but a lot of people don’t seem to have the same kind of expression for happiness that most of us do.


Apparently, this lady suffers from exactly that. On the surface, it looks as though she’s terrified out of her mind – but we like to think this is just her way of showing that the ride was worth it in the end!


Always A Good Time For Pong

Playing pong using beverages and red cups started as a college frat house tradition that was used to make many important decisions within American college dorm houses, settle old scores, establish a new leader, or simply to get competitively intoxicated!



What started off as something that was otherwise a mere hobby or drinking game, quickly became something of a national past-time. Nowadays, there’s no time that isn’t perfect for a game of pong – not even a high-speed roller coaster!


The King Of Pong

Ping pong is a game that a lot of people take very seriously. It might not be well known among most of us who simply see it as a recreational game, but ping pong has been an Olympic sport for quite a long time.



Training for ping pong can take years and athletes have to test themselves under a number of different conditions and against different opponents. Apparently, one of the greatest techniques for becoming a pro is practicing on a roller coaster!


Is It Over Yet?

When families decide to go to amusement parks together, you assume that they’re doing so because they’re all looking for a fun time. Apparently, that’s not always the case, and in some cases, they simply get bored out of their minds.


This family definitely falls into the latter category and honestly, they look like the ride simply put them to sleep. Either that or it literally made them all faint simultaneously. We may never know.

I Need Space

When couples are having an argument, one of the most common things that you’ll encounter someone in the relationship saying is that they need space.

It’s understandable to think that not everything is sunshine and roses along the course of your relationship and sometimes, having a little space to cool down and get a fresh perspective can make a big difference. However, a high-speed roller coaster probably isn’t the best place to work out relationship woes – although it does make for an awesome picture!

Always Professional

Nothing says “I’m a professional” quite like having to step out to take a business call. But what happens when you can’t step out and you don’t have your phone with you?


Well, these two ensured that they kept up their appearances rather cooly by placing their shoes next to their heads! We’re not sure if you’ll be able to hear the ocean in there or not, but we really hope you don’t have smelly feet or you might suffer.


Cool And Crazy

These two are the epitome of two people who are at very different ends of the roller coaster spectrum. After a while, it becomes easy to tell which of them enjoyed the experience and which of them didn’t.

The look of sheer fear on the face of the guy at the rear of the ride shows he is clearly terrified about the drop while his friend seems to be soaking up the adrenaline like a sponge and even still has time to pose.


A Royally Fun Time!

Believe it or not, but even royals enjoy the odd roller coaster ride from time to time. Well, this is Meghan Markle before she became a royal and she looks absolutely overjoyed to be going up for a ride on the rollercoaster.

Whether she enjoyed it that much by the end or not, we suppose we’ll never know. However, we like to think that it’s encouraging to know that there’s nothing to be ashamed about when enjoying a roller coaster, no matter who you are!


The exact moment when you drop your phone


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