This Is Freddy. He’s Over 7-Feet Tall And Officially The Biggest Dog In The World.


Image source: Shareably.

Claire says that she knew when she brought Freddy home that the dane would grow up to be a large dog, only because that’s what’s expected of Great Danes. What she didn’t know what that he would be a lot larger than the average weight and height standards (Great Danes usually weigh up to 190lbs and stand 33 inches tall); Freddy weighs just over 200lbs and is over 2 feet taller than his mother, Claire, when he stands on his hind legs.

But, Freddy isn’t the only pet in the family; he lives with Claire, her children, and his own Great Dane sister, Fluer. Now that’s a costly commitment, isn’t it? Claire says that it costs about $15,000/year on food to ensure that the dogs are healthy and being fed right. To add to their expenses is all the broken furniture and other items in the house.

Claire though wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves her Great Dane to bits and pieces. She is committed to taking Freddy for daily 40 minute walks bright and early to avoid run-ins with smaller dogs who may be scared of his size. But Freddy is far from harmful. Claire doesn’t think that any harm would come from him especially because he’s old and much more calm.

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