Girls Sing Happy Birthday To Dad But Suddenly Burst Into Tears When He Blows Out Candles

Then, as soon as they’d finished singing, dad brought the cake closer to blow out his candles and make a wish. Suddenly, one of his little ones bursts into tears, giving her a red face and a sad demeanor. And, just like a chain effect, her sibling starts to cry too! A sympathy cry? Well, perhaps this dad wished that he could have a day without six women crying in one house, so essentially his wish came true!

Either way, the video is worth a giggle—so much so, that over eight million people have viewed it on YouTube, with some hilarious comments such as, “Wait until they are all teens and then he will be the one who is crying,” “Subscribed! My heart says it’s the right thing to do,” and “THIS IS THE TYPE OF QUALITY CONTENT I’M ON YOUTUBE FOR!”

You’ll thoroughly enjoy this video and probably let out a few sneaky giggles! If so, let us know in the comments! Additionally, don’t forget to like and share this cute moment with your family and friends!

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