This Man Joins In On A Game Of Arcade Basketball And He Single Handedly Steals The Show!

In the video, you will see three guys at an arcade. They’ve decided to try to play the basketball game whereby you have to throw basketballs into the hoop for points. Whether the three are friends or not, it’s clear that there is one definite winner. The guy on the left absolutely nails every single shot and doesn’t miss a single throw. As you watch the others, you realize that they’ve definitely got skill, but nothing like the talented man on the left.

After watching him for a while, you notice that he starts to throw in an almost rhythmical way, almost as if he is dancing to a song. He makes the whole action look completely effortless and fun. Fancy giving it a try next time you’re at the arcade? Be sure to film it for proof!

Have you ever experienced a winning streak of this stature? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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