Baby Crawls Over To Husky To Say Hi And Dog’s Playful Response Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

When I was old enough to go to school, our scruffy mutt named Fred would accompany me to the bus stop each morning and then be there waiting for me when I arrived at home. This was during a time before parents waited at bus stops with their children, and Fred was the only supervision I needed. I loved my faithful friend, but because he had always been there, I didn’t understand until I was older how special our bond had been.

Watching the baby in this video bond with his canine companion gives me hope that another child will grow up with the special relationship with a pet. While anyone may be slightly nervous at first as a tiny crawling baby approaches a huge dog, it only takes a few moments to see that the two are already friends. The gorgeous dog has affection for this baby.

Introducing a baby to a dog should always be done carefully and correctly. Young children should be taught to interact correctly with animals and should never be left alone with a dog. That being said, it seems as if these two are doing fine and the parents are there, videoing their interaction.

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