Day 12 – The Big Move, Day 13 – Flashy Friday

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Thursday’s challenge was to use the theme “The Big Move” to make a card. I should’ve taken a picture of the inside of the card because I wrote “miss you already.” I had fun making this card, especially with the ribbon exhaust.

Friday’s challenge was to make a birthday card using only red, yellow, and blue. I had fun with this one too! I had fun weathering the card stock and doing the stitching. I hope you like it as much as I do :)

my style

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when it comes to crafting, i’m realizing very quickly that i am a minimalist. i really don’t like using a lot of frills, tassels and the like. even when i use a lot of different materials, i still like the card to look simple with just one main focal point. i personally think some crafters may see this as a downfall or make my stuff inferior, but that doesn’t really bother me. i like monochromatic things with a small accent. i like neutrals. i like subtle. i like sophisticated much more than i like bubbly. i know i have a specific taste, which is why i’m enjoying this challenge websites and the such. i enjoy being stretched and refine, especially as an “artist” because i’ve just kind of been learning all along the way.

what’s your personal crafting style?

also, i love working with graphic design type things… i’ve even made blog headers for some of my blogging friends (and loved doing it!!). i’m working on a project with my sister lori right now that i’ll announce when it’s finished! look forward to it!

Day 10-Picture This, and Day 11-Giving it all I’ve Got!

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More cards of course! Day 10 (Tuesday)’s challenge was to use a photo on the card, so I used a photo of geese that I’m sure I’ll never use for anything else. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the best picture of my cards, especially at night (suggestions?)… so these aren’t the greatest.

Day 11 was Giving it all I’ve got. I had to use at least 5 different patterned papers and 5 embellishments. My goal was to make it still look simple… and I decided to leave it blank so that when the time comes, I can slap on a sentiment and use it for nearly anything. I had fun with the stitching.. I don’t generally do a lot of that.

Monday’s Challenge: 365 Cards Day 9: Just the Scraps

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I had fun with this challenge because I usually do use scraps when making cards. As a personal challenge, I decided to use pretty much nothing else on this first one. I did use ink for the writing and around the edges of the paper, a small heart rub-on, and fun foam to raise up the details… but no buttons, no ribbons, no frills :)

I’m trying to be a little more adventurous about using my own handwriting… I mean, if the card’s from me, why not use my own handwriting, right? I’m in the process of buying a few more stamps so I can make a greater variety of cards.

This one is in the fashion of the sketch I used for Card Patterns #5. It’s a fun layout, I think.


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This is a home to all things remotely crafty. I’ll show pictures and talk about things I’m working on. It will mainly be a home for the many card challenges I participate in. If you’re interested in participating in any of those, I’ll be adding links to my favorite craft sites soon!


(would you like to have a part in this blog? let me know!)

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