More Eric Carle Love

I say “more” because of THIS post.

This photo is Eric Carle’s property.

I love this quote from Eric Carle from one of his blog entries in 2010 (and the photo above gives it the perfect emphasis):
“I feel strongly that each child is an individual; each child is different. I don’t even like to use the word children. I prefer to say, a child and a child and a child. I think I make my books for a child, and that child is me, the child in me.”
Check out the original post I took this from: My Books and All Kinds of Learners

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  • So my nephew Nick, who is now almost 16, has always had a talent for drawing. So even when he was very little, it was a compliment if he liked something you drew. One time my sister-in-law Leah colored something, and Nick told her, "I like your drawing. It looks just like Eric Carle." He was about 4 years old.

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