Life as a Designer

I am a graphic designer

It’s the middle of July and I’m humming the Christmas Waltz and dreaming of a winter wonderland.  This would be no surprise to other graphic designers like me.  I am knee deep in holiday cards, 2015 calendars, Christmas Facebook Timeline Covers and Marketing materials for the busiest time of year for photographers.  This is the time where you figure out if you really can make it as a designer.

There’s the mom guilt, where I never feel like I’m spending enough time with my kids… guilty for working instead of ‘cherishing every moment while my kids are still young.’  There’s always time to choose work later, right?

Then there’s the stress of money… am I making enough money to make this worth my time?  Most of the time, the answer could easily be no.  But if I was only doing this for money, I wouldn’t have even started.  Am I grateful for the times that it has kept my family out of a financial jam?  Absolutely.

But here’s the thing… I love work.  I love designing.  I love having a time out of the week where I can just be Heidi… not Adelle and Evelyn’s mom or Luke’s wife or the youth leader at church.  I love stretching my creative limits, meeting deadlines, sometimes just being busy with work. I personally believe that it makes me a better wife, a better mother, to have this part of my life that is just for me.  Some moms go get pedicures, go workout 2 hours a day, have book groups, etc, but this is what I do.  I work.  I am a graphic designer (not a writer…).

That doesn’t mean it’s easy… and it doesn’t mean that I love every little aspect of what I do (every job has tedious tasks), but I’m grateful for a supportive family who lets me have this little outlet just for me.

Even when I’m listening to Christmas music in July.

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