Albus Dumbledore & Choices (+ Come Follow Me LDS Curriculum Handout)

I have the awesome opportunity to serve the Young Women (ages 12-18) locally in my church.  Yesterday I taught a lesson on choices and “Why do the choices I make matter?” (from the LDS ‘Come Follow Me’ Young Women’s February Curriculum).  We had a great discussion… we talked about the choices we make every single day that matter (what time we go to bed, what time we wake up, whether we did our homework, whether we started and ended our day in prayer, whether we studied the scriptures and words of the prophets, etc.) and we talked about the big choices/decisions that we only have to make once if we will just make them ahead of time.  I always learn a lot from those girls and am so grateful to be with them twice a week.

For my lesson, I made this simple handout.  I personally feel like it’s important to recognize truth no matter where it comes from… even a young adult fiction book like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 🙂  I made this printable available in my little Etsy shop as an 8×10, which also includes an 8.5×11 JPG that has 4 handouts to a page, so you can easily print it and share with your Young Women, if you so choose 🙂  OR you can just get the sheet of 4 handouts here.


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