Branding Packages/Details

branding package list

WordPress Web Design: I will set up your WordPress website (or transfer it from somewhere else if necessary), then customize it by applying logos, formatting pages within the site as well as the blog (when applicable). I will add quality content by adding appropriate photos and copy, design details, etc. I will also provide some basic instruction on how to access the different pages/elements on your site.

Branding Evaluation: This is a basic interview to get to know you and your company. (ie. What is important to you as a business? What are the promises you are making to your customers? etc.) I will then use this data to help you shape the message your branding is trying to convey, whether by design elements or the customer’s in-person experience.

Website Style Guide: This is a basic reference for fonts (and where to find them), logos in various formats and colors (including a few complimentary hues to the primary design colors).

Social Media Redesign: I will give you a redesign of your three primary social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The redesign will coordinate with your new website, so that everything is consistent with your new fresh look.

Social Media Coaching Session: I want you to have the tools you need to be able to fully utilize use everything I’ve created for you. I will provide 90 minutes of instruction on how to navigate the website and social media channels, as we as provide some successful practices on how to stand out with your social media presence.

Logo Design: Perhaps you feel that your current brand is tired or dated. I will reference your Branding Evaluation and collect information to create a fresh logo that illustrates what you offer as a business and the values you represent. You will be given 3 basic design options, which will be edited and refined once one is selected. If you don’t like any of them, we will work together to find the ri