Bamboozled – The Guise of “Fitspiration”

Yesterday afternoon I took a little break and got on Pinterest to look for a little Independence Day-themed activity I could do with my 3 and 1/2 year-old daughter.  Let me first say that I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest… there are SO MANY great ideas, things to make (as if I have the skills to really make most of them).  It’s like a one-stop guide on how to be perfect at everything in life.  Honestly, it kind of overwhelms me.  There are enough things in my life that I want to do and haven’t found time to do yet.  I only open it maybe once a week or if I’m looking for something specific.  Well, as I was looking, I of course got sidetracked by some other things that had been pinned by friends.

I have fallen prey to pinning anything I think I might want to look at again… and like most women, I’m sure, I have a “Get Healthy” board.  I know that I can live a healthier life than I do now, so why not, while I’m pinning what I seem to think is the complete guide to PERFECTION, pin a collection of healthy foods/recipes and fun workouts that will keep me active.  Well, I came across a pin yesterday that looks like this:

The picture already made me hesitant to put it in my own Get Healthy board, but I saw the caption… simple instructions for a simple routine that I could easily do every day before I get in the shower.  Great!  Well, I have this bad habit of pinning things without actually going to the website it was originally pinned from… I know you do it too.  So, this morning I got a second to get on the computer (Pinterest was already open from the night before), so I clicked on the pin after I had already pinned it, seeing that some of my friends had repinned it as well.  By actually clicking on the pin, it revealed the website where it came from (I’m not even going to provide a link to the website – I couldn’t even find this picture as I scrolled through and saw way more than I wanted to.) – a bombardment of photos of extremely lean and barely dressed women (practically pornographic), doing “fit” poses and showing close-ups of their abs and rock hard bodies.  My stomach seemed to rise to my shoulders and then do a back flip into my rib cage.

My body is a temple.  It is a house for my spirit and I am amazed everyday about what I can accomplish because I have a body.  I need to take better care of it and I WANT to be healthier.  I want to have more energy than I do now.  I want to be an example of good health for my daughters.  BUT.  I will NOT let something posing as “good health” become something that makes me feel ashamed about my body or about who I am as a person.  My weakness in this area does not define who I am as a person!

My worth is not defined by how I look (neither is yours).  It is definitely not defined by how I look compared to others.  Learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that suits your life – that is a worthy pursuit.
We can make positive changes that can help us feel better physically and emotionally.  We can make small, realistic goals (I write this for myself as well).  We can reward ourselves for meeting those goals (a reward does not have to be food!).  We can do ALL of this without comparing ourselves to others.  We can even do it without stepping on a scale.  Imagine that.

I found this article interesting… what do you think about it?

Please excuse my rant.  I’m done… for now.

3 thoughts on “Bamboozled – The Guise of “Fitspiration””

  • Oh you know I agree with this one! I use Pinterest for only 4 reasons: cataloging recipes on the web that I want to get back to because I would make them again, pinning recipes I want to try one day, some good craft ideas, and good cleaning, etc tips for the home. I know not everyone agrees with me because I wrote a fb status about it the other day, but I think all the "fit" stuff on

  • I came across your blog via a &quot;pin&quot; of your Lead Me Guide Me printable – and when I checked out your home page, this post was the one that showed up. I just wanted to say that I appreciate so much your thoughts on this topic. Especially when you said, &quot;My weakness in this area does not define me as a person.&quot;<br /><br />Thanks. I needed to read that tonight.

  • I Don&#39;t have a &#39;Get Healthy&#39; Board (I don&#39;t intend to have one:)) But, You are So Right! I should Probably Get Healthier, Healthy is Good. Happy With Yourself is More Important though!

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