365 Cards and choosing to be happy!

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It’s day 4 of the awesome ankle injury and everything is still taking much longer than it normally does.  I’m also learning that I really do not enjoy baths and miss being able to stand in the shower.  The hardest … Continued

slight delay…

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Well, today I sprained my ankle pretty severely when I was carrying my daughter to the car in the snow.  There was a patch of ice under the snow and I fell.  I made sure Adelle was okay and she … Continued

Etsy Goodness – Print Edition

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There aren’t enough hours in the day to really get a good look at all the amazing stuff on Etsy, but I wanted to share a few favorite prints I’ve seen recently.  Happy Together by rosiemusic Eames Print Brown Vinyl … Continued

More Eric Carle Love

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I say “more” because of THIS post. This photo is Eric Carle’s property. I love this quote from Eric Carle from one of his blog entries in 2010 (and the photo above gives it the perfect emphasis): “I feel strongly … Continued

Bee Mine!

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PINK!  RED!  Awesome! This card is for 365 Cards’ challenge today.  Use an image of a bug and use the name of the bug (or something close to it) in the sentiment.  I think mine beee is pretty much awesome.  … Continued

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Okay I know it’s not the holidays anymore, but how stinking cute are these Holiday Tags?? So so cute!  I found these via A Beautiful Mess, but they were created by Heidi Kenney.  Go here to get them directly from … Continued


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Check this out:  DAILY DROP CAP Free alphabets for personal use.  Very cool.  That’s some good design there. I can just imagine that Y being the very beginning of a fun kid story or something.